​Southern States Indie FanFilmFest

​2017 Nominees 

                                                                                      Best Feature Film  
                                 Emma;  Inherit the Stars;  Just a Fling;  Outcaste - The House that Carol Built;  She, The Sergeant Matacho;  Zelos

                                                                                        Best Featurette 
                                                                  Last Dream for the Moon;  My Heart;  Oh Brother;  The Butterfly;  Tyson!

                                                                                Best English Language Short
                                                       Collar;  Deirdre;  Home For the Holidays;  Imbolc;  It Gets Better?;  Pickup;  The Circle

                                                                                Best Foreign Language Short
                                                          A Strange Attraction;  Baba;  Baby One More Time;  Limit;  Numbness;  The Victim

                                                                                 Best Southern States Short
                                                           Barrow;  Christine;  First Date;  Prisma;  Strangers in the Woods;  The Last Hellos
                                                                                     Best Animated Film
​                                                                            Blow in the Wind;  Hell With the Chief
                                                                                      Best Comedy Film
                                 Dirty Money;  Mombie;  Mousse;  Sid and Marge Have a Problem;  The Importance of Sex Education;  This is Jack
                                                                                       Best Drone Film
                                                                     Kiss;  Running into the Air;  The Clouded Morning;  Winter's Light

Best Experimental/Art House/Silent/Film Nior
  After Love;  Ann;  Forced to Swim;  Georgia O'Keefe and Me;  Kawaakari;
       20 Meters of Love in Montmartre;   Natural Beauty;  Prisma;   Shadows in the Dark;  Xing

  Best Smart Phone Film

  Best Web Series Pilot
           Bad MoFos;  Consequences: Yahoo Boys;  Hyperconnexion;  Sounds of Freedom;  Time Escapers
Best Short Short 
       Balloon;  Forgotten Birmingham;  My First Drag Show;  SAVE;  The World in My Dreams

 Top Trailer
  Assassin's Apprentice;  Cristine;  Collar;  Greenwood;  One Year on a Bike;  
 Pickup;   Sounds of Freedom;   The Importance of Sex Education;  Time Escapers

                                                                                Best Feature Documentary
                                        Do U Want It?;  Elephants in the Coffee;  One Year on a Bike;  Outcaste - The House that Carol Built;  
                                                   Staring Down Fate;   Straight From the Pen;  When the Dust Settles;  Wilmington on Fire

                                                                                 Best Short Documentary
                                                          Fading Sands;  Miriam;  Rhythms of the Baul;  The Healing of Heather Garden
                                                                          Best Southern States Documentary
                                                          Amazing Grace;  Carry That Weight - A Rockumentary;  Forgotten Birmingham;
                                                  House of Saints;   Mary Crovatt Hambridge;   My  First Drag Show;  Painting a Normal Life 

                                                                                  Best Director, Feature
                                              Emma (Juan Pablo Martinez);  Inherit the Stars (Keishi Suenaga);  Just a Fling (Gorune Aprikian) 
    Outcaste - The House that Carol Built (Colin Graham, Laura Graham);   She, The Sergeant Matacho (William Gonzalez);  Zelos (JoAnne Brechin)

                                                                                Best Director, Featurette
                                         Last Dream for the Moon (Octavian Repede);  Mousse (John Hellberg);  My Heart (Christine Chen)  
                            This is Jack (Darrett Sanders, Amanda Tepe);  Tyson! (Rebecca Ocampo);  When the Dust Settles (Glenn Sweitzer)

                                                                       Best Director, English Language Short
                                                         Deirdre (Jo Southwell);  It Gets Better? (Stephen Riscica); Oh Brother (Vee Shi)
                                           Sounds of Freedom (Holly Chadwick);   The Importance of Sex Education (L. Elizabeth Powers)

                                                                       Best Director, Foreign Language Short
                                                                          Baba (Saraswathi Balgam);  Baby One More Time (Paolo Turro)  
                                                          The Victim (Rassam Feali);   Time Escapers (Charlene Dautais, Maude Davy-Zeller)

                                                                        Best Director, Southern States Short
                                                       Amazing Grace (Paul Catalanotto):  Barrow (Daniel Earney)   Christine (Jessica Adler)   
                                          House of Saints (Gerry Melendez);  Mombie (N.T. Bullock);   Strangers in the Woods (Caroline Friend) 

                                                                                Talented New Director
                          Elephants in the Coffee (Thomas Grant, D.K. Bhasker);  Greenwood (Chyna Robinson);  Guffpunch (Joe Dewayne) 
                  Sid and Marge Have a Problem (Catherine Hatcher); The Last Hellos (Adam Darragh); The World in My Dreams (Anusha Iyer)  
                                         Wilmington on Fire (Christopher Everett);  Winter's Light (Michael Criss);  Xing (Rosa Costanza)

                                                                             Talented Student Filmmaker
    Finding America (Katey Perkins);  Nymphadelle (Quentin de Jubecourt);  Regrowth (Brad Dillard, Nick Deel)   Salsa and the Machine (Lea Konczal)
          Shaped by God (Candace Burkett); The Secret Life of Balloons (Lauren Graham, Nina Graham);  Voice of the Razorbacks (Cassie Shirm)

                                                                         Best Cinematography in a Feature 
                             Ann (Sofia Oggioni);  Emma (Adrian Lorenzo);  Inherit the Stars (Toshiya Chimura);   Zelos (Emma Paine) 
                   Just a Fling (Pascale Marin);   Outcaste - The House that Carol Built (Colin Graham);   She, the Sergeant Matacho (Martin Boege) 

Best Cinematography in a Featurette
          Last Dream for the Moon (Tudor Porumb);  Oh Brother (Bashir Todiee);   Tyson! (Jon Thomas) 
            One Year on a Bike (Martijn & Seibren Doolaard, Julian Wunderle,Hanz Losthuis)   
       Best Cinematography in an English Language Short
        Imbolc (Colin Graham);  It Gets Better? (Z Ma yor);  Sounds of Freedom (Alex Walker);   The Circle (Claudio Miranda)

       Best Cinematography in a Foreign Language Short
          After Love (Daniel Orosz);   A Strange Attraction (Lionel Rigal)  Baba (Gautam Shapiro, Nicolas Campagna)   
      Balloon (Dmitry Conchev);  The Victim (Rassam Feali);  Time Escapers (Pierre Baboin)

       Best Cinematography in a Southern States Short
          Barrow (Isaiah Rendon);  Forgotten Birmingham (Ben McCafferty)  House of Saints (Gerry Melendez)  
         Mombie (David Matthews;   Strangers n the Woods (Brian M Tang);  The Backup Plan (Isaiah Rendon)

    Best Cinematography in a Short Short
           The Clouded Morning (Gavin Furst);  Kawaakari (Deirdre Locklear);  Kiss (Byeongryeol Jean) 
               20 Meters of Love in Montmartre (Pierre Gaffie); Running Into the Air (Sebastian Wober);   Winter's Light (Michael Criss)

        Best Lead Actress in a Feature or Featurette
 Emma (Sofia Rangone);  Inherit the Stars (Riho Yoshioka);   Just a Fling (Fanny Valette);    
My Heart (Diana Rose);     She, The Sergeant Matacho (Fabiana Medina);  Zelos (Shannon Ashlyn)

         Best Lead Actress in an English Language Short
              Deidre (India Mullen);  Imbolc (Maria Noonan McDermott);  Pickup (Mandy Evans);   Sounds of Freedom (Katherine Celio)

           Best Lead Actress in a Foreign Language Short
                  Baby One More Time (Valentina Mandruzzato);  Numbness (Zahra Fadaee) 
                SAVE (Josephine Ehlert);   The Victim (Shahrzad Borjian);  Time Escapers (Laetitia Legrix)

             Best Lead Actress in a Southern States Short
                         Barrow (Abby Evans Pierce);  Christine (Jordan Jones);  Greenwood (Tammy Thomas) 
                         Shadows in the Dark (Kelly Quinn);  The Importance of Sex Education (Frances Watson)

Best Supporting Actress
   Emma (Jazmin Stuart);  90 Minutes of the Fever (Marie-Francoise Theodore);  Mousse (Marienette Dahlin);   Zelos (Ainslie McGlynn)
    The Importance of Sex Education (Amber Dawn Landrum) & (Mary Thoma);  This is Jack (Amanda Tepe);   Tyson! (Rebecca Ocampo)  
         Best Lead Actor in a Feature or Featurette
                  Emma (German Palacios);   Inherit the Stars (Keishi Suenaga)
                    Just a Fling (Amaury DeCrayencour);    Tyson! (Nevine Nyamongo);   Zelos (Ben Mortley)

          Best Lead Actor in an English Language Short
                     Collar (Sean Gunnell): Imbolc (Ryan McParland);  It Gets Better? (Gys DeVilliers)  
                   Oh Brother (Anthony Sharp);   Signal (Will Roberts);  The Circle (Ryan Phillippe)

          Best Lead Actor in a Foreign Language Short
                         Limit (Davod Moeini Kiya);  Numbness (Iman Nazifi);  SAVE (Roland Von Kummant);   Time Escapers (Cyril Benoit)

          Best Lead Actor in a Southern States Short
                Christine (Logan Reinhart);    Home for the Holidays (Jeremy Palko)
                 The Backup Plan (Todd Essary);  The Preacher (Keith Johnson)
    Best Lead Actor in a Comedy
               Dirty Money (T.C. Sharpe);  Guffpunch (Sean Beagan);  This is Jack (Jackson George)  
            Those Shoes (Crafty St. James);  Mombie (N.T. Bullock);   Mousse (Stephane Bertola);  Shadows in the Dark (T.L. Westgate)

Best Supporting Actor
   Baby One More Time (Massimiliano Speziani);  Deirdre (Sean Doyle); 90 Minutes of the Fever (Cristian Fagins);  Mombie (Nate Wells)
   Mousse (Gunnar Ernblad) & (Jonas Ahlgren);  Oh Brother (Llyod Bissell); The Backup Plan (Daltyn Grace);  The Butterfly (Jacques Germain)

     Best Original Soundtrack for a Feature or Featurette
         Dark Waves (Alexander Cimini):  Inherit the Stars (Yuya Hata, Chiaki Kawahito)
     Do U Want It? (Eric Heigle, Andy Rathbone, Kirkland Middleton);  Oh Brother (Zethu Mashika, Mhlonipheni Ntshangaee) 
    Oucaste - The Ho use that Carol Built (Jenny McCaffrey);   She, The Sergeant Matacho (Cesar Salazar);   Tyson! (Duy Tran)

           Best Original Soundtrack for an English Language Short
            Deidre (Audio Network);  Home for the Holidays (Andrew Scott Foust);  Mombie (N.T. Bullock) 
                Pickup (Giovanni Spinelli);  Xing (Rodney 'Gumbo' King)

             Best Original Soundtrack for a Foreign Language Short
                 A Strange Attraction (Cedric Perras);  Baba (Nadaka);  Closer (Alexander Cimini) 
    Baby One More Time (Federico Perotti);   Balloon (Vis Vitalis, Sergei Farafonov);  Limit (Soheil Safariyan);  The Butterfly (Remy Chaillan)

             Best Original Soundtrack for a Southern States Short  
                 Christine (Julian Sharifi);  House of Saints (John Kammerer);   My Heart (Steffen Schmidt)
Strangers in the Woods (Kristen Hirlinger);   The Importance of Sex Education (Wade Hampton Marshall);   The Last Hellos (Brett McKey)

Best Original Song
           Forced To Swim (Theme - Dara Anya);  Get A Job (Only Wanna Party - Raymond Rolak);  Level 2 (It's Over - Cathal Feeney)   
           When the Dust Settles (Destiny - Veronica Ballestrini);    When the Dust Settles (Fly Higher - Mackenzie Wasner, Daniel Swartz)    
     Wilmington on Fire (Voice of the Regular People - Ness Lee);  Wilmington on Fire (It's a Massacre - James Diallo);  Zelos (Zephyr - Roger Mason)