​​​​​​​​​Southern States Indie FanFilmFest
Awards and Prizes

Each winner will receive an award and a signed certificate from the Festival Director suitable for framing, as well as SSIFFF Laurels
                            **ALL SUBMISSIONS are eligible to win Festival genre categories as determined by judges**

ATMAN AWARD FOR DIVERSITY IN FILM - as one of the goals of SSIFFF is to become a powerful force in the celebration of diversity in the American South and throughout the world, we will honor one Film with an Atman Award for Diversity in Film for portraying the integration of cultures and ethnic groups via story line and/or casting. Atman, innermost spiritual essence, signifies the one life force shared by all living creatures.

FOREIGN LANGUAGE - Diversity is also encouraged by offering foreign language winners in many categories (see specific categories). Must be subtitled in English.

STUDENTS - anyone 18 and under and college students (verified by student ID) please submit at student rates (except
SHORT SHORTS category) for automatic eligibility for student awards.

MUSIC CATEGORIES and TRAILERS and FILM POSTERS - only films that specifically submit to one or more of the Soundtrack, Song, Poster, or Trailer categories will be judged for those awards. Several Trailers will be screened.

BEST OF THE FEST AWARD will be the Overall Winner chosen from all categories.

Official SSIFFF AWARDS will be given at the awards banquet. Attendance is strongly encouraged but not required. Some categories will have multiple awards, such as Student, Southern States, and Foreign Language, as the judging panel deems appropriate. Although SSIFFF and the judging panel reserves the right to remove a category or to add additional categories as they deem appropriate. 

Awards Categories: 
Best Short Film 
Best Featurette (Mid-length Film)
Best Narrative Feature 
Best Documentary Short 
Best Documentary Feature 
Best Comedy Film
Best Foreign Language Film 
Best Animated Film 
Best Art House/Experimental/Silent Film /Film Noir

Best LGBTQ Film
Best Drone Film
Best Web Series Pilot 
Best Cinematography (Feature, Featurette, Short, Foreign Language and Southern States)
Best Actor and Actress (Feature, Featurette, Short, Foreign Language and Southern States)) 

Best Supporting Actor and Actress
Talented New Filmmaker

Talented Student Filmmaker
Best Director (Feature, Featurette, Short, Foreign Language and Southern States)
“Top Trailer” Award 

Best Original Soundtrack  (Non-Feature and Feature) 
Best Original Song (With Lyrics and Instrumental)

Best Film Poster
Best Southern States Film
Atman Award for Diversity in Film  
Best of the Fest (for Best Film Overall) 

SSIFFF 2018 Prize Package Competitions in conjunction with Mississippi Sound Film Productions, LLC:
Script Writing Contest - for a short film up to 20 minutes/pages (standard format) in length
    Winner receives $10,000 MSFP Film Production Prize Package
 Work in Progress Competition - Work in Progress, Unfinished Proof of Concept Short or Unfinished Series Pilot
    Each Winner will receive a $1,500 - $2,500 MSFP Post Production/Editing Prize Package  

Details and Rules of Prize Package Competitions:

Script Writing Contest - $10,000 MSFP Film Production Prize Package:  
  for a Short Film up to 20 minutes/pages (standard format) in length

     What MSFP provides:
1. Casting and consultation - up to 30 hrs  ($1,000)
2. 1-week filming - up to 60 hours:
     a. DP with 4k rig, 4k drone 60 hrs  ($3,000)
     b. On set Sound capture and sync 60 hrs  ($2,400)
3. Film and Sound editing - up to 60 hrs  ($2,700)
4. Sound design, soundtrack production – up to 20 hrs  ($900)
      Total Package Value - $10,000 *
*MSFP’s Prize Film Package has no cash value. The value of each feature of the prize package is NOT
interchangeable with another, unless negotiated and agreed upon ahead of time in writing with MSFP,
LLC owner/operator.

    What winner provides:
Casting location or remote casting
Film set locations
Set design (in collaboration with Director)
Costume and Makeup (in collaboration with Director)
All necessary lodging
Transportation and associated costs
Appropriate meal service on set
2 production assistants on set (MSFP will train)
2 stand-in extras on set (MSFP will train)
Director (must be agreed upon by Winner and MSFP)
Expressed intention and plan to complete and promote project.
Payment of any overages to MSFP due at the end of each stage (1 – 4) above:
   this includes any and all costs associated with the film’s production and completion other than MSFP’s
  Film Production Prize Package valued at up to $10,000 worth of film services, and any overages at the
  conclusion of each stage of production.

Work in Progress Contest - Three Post Production Prize Packages ($1,500 - $2,500):

    What MSFP provides:
Post Production/Editing Package worth up to $1500 (Spring Deadline), $2,000 (Summer Deadline), $2,500 (Stretch Deadline) of Video/Sound Editing and Color Correction/Grading from Mississippi Sound Film Productions, LLC. And if your submission does not win in one deadline, it remains in contention until the end of the festival year! The earlier you submit, the more chances you have to win in this category!  Can be used for Work in Progress, unfinished Proof of Concept, or unfinished Series Pilot. Winners announced within 30 days after each deadline.** 
**MSFP’s Prize Film Package has no cash value. The value of any feature of the prize package is not
interchangeable with any another, unless negotiated and agreed upon ahead of time in writing with
MSFP, LLC owner/operator.

    What winner provides:
Video and Sound files on USB or Thunderbolt drive sent to editor, copy of script, expressed intention
and plan to complete and promote project.